Disability Income Insurance

Disability income can help protect your most valuable asset, your ability to earn a living. When you can't work, it can help you and your family:

Disability income insurance provides a monthly benefit for loss of income because of covered injuries or illnesses. After a predetermined time period, it typically pays a percentage of your income for as long as you're disabled, under your contract.

Determine Your Need

How would you pay your bills if you were sick or injured? What are the odds that you will need disability insurance? Get answers to these important questions.

Our Disability Plans

Get more details on Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company's (Mutual of Omaha) disability products. Whatever your needs, there's a Mutual of Omaha disability insurance product that's right for you.

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When you're considering purchasing a disability insurance policy, it's important to look for a company
you can trust.

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